Dinner Menu


Meatball Soup

7,00 €

Served with sour cream, chilli and bread

Romanian Traditional Tochitura

14,00 €

Diced and fried pork meat, sausages, kaizer served with soft cheese fried egg and polenta

Chicken Wings

10,00 €

Tossed in Frank’s hot sauce & blue cheese dip

Moulie Marinniere

10,00 €

White wine, garlic, shallots & thyme with rustic chips

Classic Caesar Salad

12,00 €

Grilled chicken fillet, crispy bacon, homemade Caesar dressing & Parmesan ciabatta

Goat Cheese Salad

11,00 €

Mixed leaves, chopped apples, mixed nuts, pomegranate & raspberry coulis

Pan Fried Chicken Liver

12,00 €

Served with soft cheese and polenta

Small Grills

12,00 €

Served with Romanian mustard, chips and bread.

Omelette (Choice of 3 ingredients)

10,00 €

Ham, bacon, mushroom, cheese, spinach, red onion, kaizer.


Vegetarian Risotto

15,00 €

Mixed vegetables in creamy white wine sauce served with garlic bread

Seafood Linguini

17,00 €

With creamy white or creamy tomato sauce and garlic bread

10oz Rib-eye Steak

26,00 €

Rustic chips, ring onions, mixed vegetables & mushroom peppercorn sauce

Homemade 8oz Beef Burger

17,00 €

Crispy bacon, wholegrain mustard mayo, red onion, lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese on brioche bun with rustic chips

Pan Fried Fillet of Salmon

18,00 €

Served with mashed potato, asparagus and lemon butter sauce.

Chicken Fusilli Pasta

16,00 €

Pesto, sun dried tomato, creamy tomato sauce & Parmesan shavings

Cabbage Roll

14,00 €

Filled with minced pork and beef, rice and vegetables. Served with polenta, smoked pork rib and sour cream.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

15,00 €

Served in tomato and basil sauce with flat mushroom and mashed potato.

Grilled Pork Neck

14,00 €

Served with rustic chips and peppercorn mushroom sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel

12,00 €

Served with mashed potato or rice and vegetable.

Breast of Duck

15,00 €

Served with red cabbage and orange sauce.

Butter Beans

14,00 €

Served with smoked pork ribs (suggestion: order bread and side salad with this dish)

Romanian Platter

Traditional Sharing Platter

For 2 - 30€, For 4 - 50€

Romanian pork sausages, pork belly, kaizer, red onion, cheese, grilled pork neck, sliced smoked pork chop, cucumbers, tomatoes, black olives, red peppers, chicken schnitzel, pickels.


Mixed Salad

4,50 €

Cabbage Salad

4,00 €

With carrots and radish.


3,50 €

Cucumbers and tomatoes

Mashed Potato

3,50 €

Rustic Chips

3,50 €

Rice Vegetables

3,50 €


3,00 €


2,50 €

Sour Cream

1,50 €



7,00 €

Cheese Doughnuts

7,00 €

Served with blackcurrent jam and sour cream.


7,00 €

With strawberry jam and sweet cheese (2 pancakes)

Mixed Ice Cream

6,00 €

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla.

Children's Menu

Grilled Breast of Chicken

7,00 €

Rustic chips & red sauce

Fish Fingers

7,00 €

Rustic chips & red sauce

Chicken Fusilli Pasta

7,00 €

White wine creamy sauce or creamy tomato sauce


7,00 €

Rustic chips & red sauce

Butter Fusilli Pasta

5,00 €

Mini Burger

7,00 €

With rustic chips