Wine List

Red Wines

By the bottle

Rosario Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)

23,50 €

A fruit driven wine with refreshing acidity. An approachable red, bright berry aromas with a fresh open palatte and soft ripe tannins.

El Parral Malbec (Argentina)

24,95 €

Vivacious red with violet sparkles, very easy drinking. Loads of black fruit on the palete. Ripe and full with good acidity, spice and a nice soft finish..

Post House Shiraz Pinotage Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (South Africa)

26,95 €

An intensely aromatic blend, full bodied with supple and soft tannins. A nose of mulberries, red currant and ripe strawberries with a hint of pepper and spice.

White Wines

By the bottle

Rosario Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

23,50 €

Full of fruit, with delicate notes of peach and citrus, vibrant light greenish-yellow in colour.

Ca’stellor Pinot Grigio (Italy)

26,50 €

Pale straw yellow with greenish shades with an aroma of toasted almonds, dried hay and hulls, balanced acidity and dry aftertaste.

Verdejo Real Compania (Spain)

26,85 €

A brilliant straw yellow colour with greenish reflections, bright tropical fruits, citrus and aromas of fennel and scrub brush. Fruity palate with a touch of bitterness, characteristic of the Verdejo grape.

Butterfly Ridge Riesling, Gewurztraminer (Australia)

27,00 €

Pale straw with green hues with distinctive floral characters delivers lime, citrus, rose petal and spice with clean medium approachable finish

Rose & Sparkling

By the bottle

De La Chevaliere Syrah/Rose (France)

28,50 €

This tasty pink is zesty, giving cranberry and white raspberry fruit flavours.

Masottina Prosecco (Italy)

30,00 €

Fruity, with a good intensity and a rich scent of fruit especially apples, lemons and pineapples. Fresh and fun to drink!

Colle Del Principe Prosecco - 20cl (Italy)

9,00 €

Vino Frizzante


By the glass

Rosario Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)

6,25 €

El Esteco Malbec (Argentina)

7,00 €


By the glass

Rosario Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)

6,25 €

Real Compania Verdejo (Spain)

7,15 €

Ca'stellor Pinot Grigio (Italy)

7,95 €

Butterfly Ridge Riesling (Australia)

8,00 €


By the glass

De La Chevaliere Syrah/Rose (France)

6,00 €